About this blog

The primary purpose of this blog is to serve as a fill in until the cycling community is able to come together and develop/operate a full-blown, first class “all things bike” website for the Stillwater area. My hope is to supply answers to questions people may have about cycling and provide inspiration and support to get more people on bikes, and have a little fun along the way.

The title of the blog, BIKE-TEMPLE.ORG, comes from a journal of a bike ride I took that changed my life.

Even though there are many shortcomings to someone with my distinct lack of computer skills publishing a blog like this, there is one really nice feature. I can say what I want. As a result, you’ll find a mixture of content here; from my personal experiences and opinions, to those of others whose thoughts I respect, to links to some of the best and most forward thinking people in bicycling.

I welcome your input concerning topics you would like to see discussed as well as your thoughts concerning all things bikes. However, reader beware: bikes are above all else fun. I’m doing this because cycling brings me joy and I wish to share that joy with others. If you are a whiner or a “glass mostly empty” type of person, feel free to move on down the road now and save me the trouble of sending you away later. Life is too short to be spent wallowing in it.

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