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Well, that is not exactly true, you just may not have heard about it yet….After a 20 year hiatus, Oklahoma Freewheel will be overnighting in Stillwater this summer!  Kudos to a very small but passionate group of people for making this possible.  Without going into a lot of detail I’ll just say this, were it not for generosity of District Bicycles hosting yet another social, it would have never happened.  Thanks District!

Exact details of the stay are still in the planning stages and you’ll be hearing more as they become finalized.  Let’s just say it’s going to be something you don’t want to miss.

Stillwater (and OSU) received a lot of attention with great representation at last year’s Freewheel.  Now that we are a host town, this is the perfect opportunity for you to join in and ride Freewheel for your first time.  Spending Thursday night in your own town is ideal for the first-time participant.  You’ve made it past hump day and can see the end, yet your bed (and washing machine) are close by to give you that bit of comfort you might be needing to get you to the finish.

Also, spending one night at “home” would be the perfect time to invite a couple dozen of your new bike friends over for the evening.

So, jump in, join us, spread the word and invite others to do the same!  If you are intrigued by a bit intimidated, let me know and we’ll get to work alleviating any fears you may have.  From tips to training to encouragement, if there’s a need, our awesome bike community can find a way to meet it.  Just let me know what it would take to get you involved (through the contact box below) and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

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